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If you notice that the mortar in your chimney or walls has begun to crack, it is important to take action quickly, before the situation worsens. Letting the mortar chip and crack continually will lead to quite a repair bill. Catching it early is best. If you are a resident of Omaha, NE and you are having problems with your mortar, we offer affordable tuckpointing service. Tuckpointing will provide your mortar and masonry with the strength that they need.

Tuckpointing provides great benefits that will help ensure the continued quality of your brick and mortar.

• High-Quality Protection—Our tuckpointing will prevent any further deterioration of the mortar in your home or business. This will keep you from having to pay for extra repairs or replacement. It will also prevent moisture and water from entering your chimney and causing mildew, mold, or wood rot. The prevention of water will help prevent ceiling damage and wall stains.

• Economical—Tuckpointing is economical. It provides a nice aesthetic quality while also helping you save money. By tuckpointing, you will avoid complete rebuilds of the brick portions of your home or business. In addition, tuckpointing will also make your brickwork look brand new. This also adds monetary value to your property, which is great if you are looking to sell.

Tuckpointing is a great way to restore life to your brick and mortar. It is affordable, economical, and provides great aesthetic and curb appeal, making your home or business standout in any area.

If you are looking for tuckpointing in Omaha, NE, look no further than JEM Restoration Services, Inc. Give us a call today.

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